Welcome to The BLoG – The Place to get Big Lake Grocery Updates and Happenings. The first question we had to ask ourselves when creating this most recent incarnation of a website was…..does anybody read and follow our posts? We hope so and will do our best to keep things fresh and informed about what’s happening not only with us @ The BLG but here in the community.

With that being said it is our hope that we can offer up this platform of expression to YOU our neighbors. We would like this content to give a true reflection of what we are all about but with this kind of forum we will have to lay down some ground rules for article submission.

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Oyster Run 2018

Oyster Run 2018 this weekend and why wouldn’t we offer up something special on the menu Mike has Pulled Pork Sliders and Hot Cheddar Beef sandwiches. Pair any of that with a beer or a cider

Game 1: Seahawks melt down in Denver, drop opener

By Jacson Bevens@JacsonBevens There’s a freshness to the changing of the seasons. As summer winds down, the autumnal breeze carries with it hope for the new football season, full of promise