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Served all day
Mom always says, ``It's the most important meal of the day.`` That's why we serve it all day! Hearty traditional breakfast fare available whenever you're in the mood. Even in the morning. ;-)``
Eat on the light side
Many of us are going lighter for lunch these days. Get your greens right here.
Every beer needs a sidekick
Customize your meal to your heart's content. ``Extra this, double that, more of your favorite item? We've got you covered.
It all tastes delicious
Sandwiches. Burritos. And so many burgers you could eat lunch here every day for a week and never repeat yourself.
Enjoy a night at the lake
We serve warmth. Come in for some old-fashioned comfort food. It feels like you’re with family.
Great wine and craft beers
Microbrews, draft ales, wines of the world, and more. Selection in Skagit Valley.

morning, noon or night

We’re here for you

Have you been searching for that place where “everybody knows your name?” Well, you’ve found it. Come on in.

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Delicious coffee & espresso

Wake up right

Rocket fuel or slow-sipping, we make each cup custom for you.

groceries in big lake

Don't worry, we've got you covered

Fresh groceries and other items

Hey, we did start out as a grocery store, and we’re happy to carry on that fine tradition.

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Great local and craft beers

Stay local and hang out

Which is the finest of our dozens of brews?  You be the judge.  It may take you several visits to decide!

Philly Cheeses Steak Mount Vernon
food on highway 9

Try our mouthwatering burgers

Eat more meat

Question: What’s more All-American than a perfectly-grilled mouth-watering burger tall enough to make you open wide, customized to your heart’s content?

Answer: Well, maybe our perfectly-crisped and piping hot French fries.

have espresso your way

Every morning is better with coffee

meals made to order

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Don’t you hate menus that say, “Breakfast served till one,” or “Dinner 4 till 10?”   Well, so do we!  Traveling and need food for later or tomorrow?  Let us know and it’s yours to go.

  • Craft beers on tap
  • Huge wine selection
  • Made to order or grab and go menus
  • Last minute grocery items
  • Friendly faces
Big Lake Washington Lunch
Lunch Near Biglake
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come see us by the lake

Take a drive